Action/Project Planning

Project: Improve Awareness of Students Leading Students
“Using the 4 Steps to Action Planning”
Freeland High School Sample

  • List all the things your group has to do to complete your project/task?

    – One month big event – Posters – Visual Aids – Social Networking – Update Chapter Website

  • List the 3 most important things that need to get done in order to complete your project?

    – Have member involvement – Communication with adminstration, members, school and community – Advertise about SLS.

  • What needs to be done in order to accomplish the 3 important things to complete the project?

    – Have a webmaster update the website – Assign jobs and responsibilities to the SLS members – Encourage participation in SLS and SLS events – Communicate with all the members to be involved in at least one event

  • How can you make the planning of the project fun?

    – Hosting the event is fun – Involve everyone and make it a competition – Have activities