SLS MADE ME, ME! – Paige WebbCousino High School
  • I don’t have a way with words, but neither did Einstein. That being said, I just wanted to thank SLS for awarding me Student of the Year. I never believed that I could have won. Students Leading Students is an amazing group. SLS is what made me, me today. Without SLS, I would still be the anti-social girl sitting in the corner avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room. Without SLS, I never would have met my best friend. SLS to me is helping people realize their potential.

    Before SLS, I knew no one in high school. Freshman year I hated school.
    -Paige Webb, SLS Student of the Year 2014, Cousino High School

  • Not because of the homework, because that is inevitable. But, because of the bullies and the people who would exclude you from everything.
    Once I started going to SLS, it made school more bearable. My sophomore year,
    I got more involved in SLS, and it became my life.

    Today SLS has made me a little bit more outgoing, even if I am still shy.
    I’ve met so many people who have become my second family. Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Coates
    have been great role models and have had such an impact on my life. I have no words for
    how amazing they are. Thank you for making my last three years of high school so amazing.

“You are Enough. You are SO enough” – Doug PiperFreeland High School
  • Hello. I am Doug Piper (Freeland HS). I never would have guessed that I would be named Student Leadership Services’ Student of the Year. I did not believe that I could compare myself to ambitious students from the entire state of Michigan and be the most deserving of this award. I suppose you can infer my level of self-worth. As a leader it is easy to empower others and tell them that they are enough just the way they are. However, it is more difficult to spend time focusing on how enough I am. With a challenging academic schedule and extracurricular activities, I often feel like the quality of my work with SLS is not enough. This award changed that. When I stay up for an hour past my bedtime (9:30) preparing an agenda on a Wednesday night for the following morning, an agenda that I should have prepared at any other time during that week, I feel like my commitment isn’t enough.
  • Mrs. Klida’s (Advisor at Freeland HS) lessened work load due to my commitment changed that. But, when I look at my attitude toward others and the actions that they are not responsible for, an external force cannot change that. Only I can change that. When I feel like I am not enough to hold a place in the heart of the girl of my dreams, I can change that. When I believe that I am not enough for my own happiness, who can change that? Me. Who will change that? Me. If you feel the way that I have felt, listen to these words from Sierra Boggess: “You are enough. You are SO enough; it is unbelievable how enough you are.” Thank you so much for this opportunity and recognition.
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