Starting an Chapter

Starting a Chapter

Top 5 Things to “Help you get your feet wet”

  • 01

    Advertise through the school and put in the announcement
    what you want to

  • 02

    Tell them what
    your youth-led chapter does and why it is important
    to the school.

  • 03

    Make a list of what you want to accomplish through the year and start with the one that everybody likes..

  • 04

    Divide the responsibilities up between the group that is working on it and set a date on when everything must be done..

  • 05

    Always use team work as you do these tasks.

How to “save” your youth led chapter

  • 01

    Plan a trip for the member that has done a lot

  • 02

    Ask the members what they want to see different next year

  • 03

    Have the officers sign a card that says they are not going to smoke, drink, do drugs or partake in self-defeating behaviors.
    The chapter will have credit if the leadership understands they are role models.

  • 04

    Design a concert , dance or a play of some sort to get more people involved.

  • 05

    Have trust

  • 06

    Practice open

  • 07

    Don’t waste time

  • 08

    Manage time.

  • 09

    Reach out
    to the community

  • 10

    Have fun at every meeting. Even a one minute energizer will make a difference

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