Chapter Resources

The Chapter Resource section is intended as a quick and easy reference for SLS student leaders and advisors. You will find helpful tips and information for new chapters and existing chapters. The materials are useful and you are encouraged to use them in your chapter meetings and activities.

Top Ten Networking Tips

10. Find out all your resources and use them. Make a long list and get members to contact every resource and report to the group what they find. Link the chapter’s to the website

9. Establish contacts in your community and use them wisely (Ex. Ask local businesses for financial support, PSA’s on local channels, traffic safety committees, church, etc.)

8. Use school as a networking tool; network between clubs, PTA and administration for better understanding; use the school to hold networking meetings & SLS trainings.

7. Record the names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and social networking contacts of the people you network with for reference-both now and later. Update frequently. This builds a contact list/database with opportunities for your group and theirs.

6. Patience is a virtue. People watch to see if anything you say will actually happen.

5. Don’t try to do everything by yourself-allow others to help you. That gives them ownership, too.

4. Be enthusiastic so others will want to help you. Energy is contagious.

3. Have fun! Interject a one minute energizer even with the shortest meeting. Remember chapter traditions.

2. Work as a team. Everyone needs to have an opportunity to contribute their talents.

1. Be a leader and make the first move. Invite them to come and hear about your mission. Give them your Chapter Fact Sheet so they can contact you.