This is very helpful with understanding the pressure your kids have to face everyday.Parent (Taylor, MI)

“Open Door Policy”

The “Open Door Policy” workshop was designed for middle school students (ages 11-14) and their parents. The workshop focuses on communication skills within a family, identifying pressures/stressors that could lead to self-harming behavior and techniques on how to say “No” in uncomfortable situations. This workshop is interactive through group processing and role plays. This is a great workshop to “open the door” for parent and students communication on the “tough topics”.

Thank you for a very educational evening. I actually learned a lot.Parent (Taylor, MI)
“Great workshop. It provided and encouraged kids to be open, honest and leaders.Parent (Taylor, MI)
Thank you for doing your part; now it is up to us.Parent (Taylor, MI)
“If there were more workshops like this, kids would learn how to address pressure in a more positive way.Parent (Taylor, MI)

Parents always need help opening the door to communication with their children! Let us open the door for you and your family! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!