Past Newsletters

Name Description
Document January 2009 Students Leading Students Newsletter High School Newsletter
Document March 2009 2009 High School Conference Information Enclosed
Document May/June 2009 SLS Newsletter Updated Conference Information Enclosed
Document SLS August 2009 Newsletter Conference Updates and SLS Model Program Details Inside
Document January 2010 Newsletter Features Michigan Students and SLS Alumni
Document September 2010 Newsletter Featuring 25th State High School Conference and 2009/2010 year in review
Document SLS Statewide Spring 2011 Newsletter Featuring Michigan Students-Just Released March 2011
Document SLS Summer 2011 Newsletter Hot off the press! SLS Students and Chapters Year Review
Document Fall 2011 Newsletter Conference Information Included
Document January 2012 SLS Newsletter Features SLS State Conference 2011 Highlights
Document SLS State Newsletter Spring 2012 Featuring the SLS SAMHSA 12 Chapter Validation Study
Document SLS State Newsletter Fall 2012 Featuring SLS’ State Conference 2012
Document SLS Newsletter Spring 2013 Featuring SLS Conference 2013 and RFP
Document SLS Newsletter Fall 2013 Featuring SLS Conference, PRS Trainings and SLSTODAY APP
Document SLS Winter 2014 Newsletter Featuring SLS Chapter Study Schools and Resource Links
Document SLS Spring 2014 Newsletter Featuring Rudyard SLS and Conference 2014