Kinetic Affect is a dynamic spoken word duo based in Kalamazoo composed of two very different men; Kirk Latimer, a survivor of his own destructive past, and Gabriel Giron, a survivor of cancer, combine their voices to give life to their difficult past experiences. Together they are able to show audiences the common humanity we all share. Having been featured on television shows, such as the hit show America’s Got Talent and on the Apollo stage, Kinetic Affect’s international reach combines entertainment with deeply moving and emotional personal struggles and triumphs.

“H.I.T.T. Hard: Overcoming Adversity in Life.”

Presenter – Paul Artale
Two words that have allowed me to overcome any challenge set before me. Using my experiences in semi-pro and collegiate football as a framework, my challenges will inspire you to be more and do more in life.

“Be You, Do You”

Presenter – Kudzai Mashinya
What do you fear? Are you bold enough and strong enough to step out of situations that are unhealthy?. Do you know your worth or you have accepted someones water-down version of you? “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch, but on it’s own wings”- Anonymous. Join me as l share my journey on how I found my wings and learned to fly, even as the branches were breaking beneath me.