Workshops from the SAB

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Distracted Driving

Driving is an essential part of our everyday lives. However, there are MILLIONS of distractions that you encounter while you drive. In this workshop we will see all the different distractions and what it has done to people like us. It will put your mind in perspective on how one simple text can change your life and someone else’s. Please come and join my workshop so we can teach kids how to be better drivers.

Presented by Jack Lewandowski, SAB, Holly High School &
April Johnson Houghton Lake High School[/x_text]

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Finding Your Rhythm (Anti-Bullying)

Every person is different. Everyone has a different story and they all “walk to the beat of their own drum”. This workshop is designed to educate peers on the harmful effect of bullying, as well as how to be more than just a bystander. It will also show that everyone has a piece of the puzzle in society. The music creation demonstrates how we all fit somewhere, even if it might not be evident at first. So please join us and help us make society more accepting to all people.

Presented by James Malone, Waterford Kettering HS[/x_text]

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In YOUR own Skin!

Are you embarrassed to admit that you aren’t always confident? Aren’t we all? Learning how to boost your self-esteem when you’re feeling down is an important key to living a healthy lifestyle. Join us at “In Your Own Skin” workshop to participate in fun activities and learn important facts.

Presented by Aitana Massey, SAB, Marion HS &
Jessica Hutchison, SAB, Manchester HS.[/x_text]

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LIVE Life! (Mental Health and Well-Being)

Have you ever been depressed about something? Has depression ever gotten the best of you? There are all kinds’ difficulties that people may have like depression, OCD, Chronic anxiety, etc. There are MILLIONS of ways to cope with any of these diseases. Are there any 100% cures? NO. By coming to our workshop, we will teach you how to deal a knock-out blow mental illness and how to truly live your life the way YOU want to live it.

Presented by Rachael Earley, SAB, Houghton Lake High School &
Payton Wolbert, SAB, Garber High School.[/x_text]

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Put a Little Sunshine in Your Pocket (Positivity in Schools)

Do you like having a nice school environment/community where everyone talks to each other and is friendly? Being in a good community/school is a great thing because it’s like everyone has each other’s back during the tough times. The focus in our workshop is to inspire students to spread positivity all around your communities and schools. We know, High School is very tough, especially now a day but you guys have to remember that we’re all in this together.

Presented by Melanie Thomas, SAB, Garber High School &
Samantha Johnson Anchor Bay High School[/x_text]

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Speak Up and Have YOUR Voice Heard

Do you want to be a better leader in your community, school, or in genaeral?
What does being a leader mean to you? In this workshop we will take you on a journey to find what the true meaning of being a leader is. It will also show you skills to take back to your chapters and schools. So come and join us on this leadership adventure.

Presented by Taylor Becker, SAB, Garber High School &
Safari Manning, SAB, Waterford Kettering High School.[/x_text]



Distracted Driving Simulators

This will give you an opportunity to use one of our simulators to see actually how hard it is to text and drive. It has other functions like impaired driving and it is really eye opening to see.

Presented by Gary Bubar AAA Michigan[/x_text]

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Drugs and YOUR Brain

This Interactive Presentation will provide those in attendance with the knowledge and insight of narcotic drug addiction and the relationship with the human brain.
Presented by Cathy Weir, Oakland County FAN Chapter[/x_text]

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Marketing YOUR Chapter

Do you want to be recognized as a group that does something good in the community? This workshop is designed to teach students and advisors on how to promote their chapter in their community. Please come to this workshop and make your chapter well known in your community.

Presented by Michelle Turner, SLS Advisor, SLS Board of Directors, Atherton High School[/x_text]


Utilize Your Media    (SLS Online Resources)

This workshop is about learning how to utilize the Student Leadership Services NEW website! This workshop will also contain social media tips for students and how to make social media a strength for your chapter or yourself.

This workshop is also designed to show what you should post on social media and what you shouldn’t. Realizing that what you post stays online forever for current and future employers to see.

Presented by Garrett Zimmerman SLS Alumnus, Central Michigan University


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Marijuana and Latest Trends

What is the truth about marijuana? Is good? Bad? This workshop will open your eyes on the truth about the long and short term effects and current trends.

Presented by Trooper Mark Kellar