Student Leadership Services, Inc. (SLS) is a non-profit organization founded in Michigan in 1982 to provide youth-led health and safety programs based on youth development, drug prevention principles, and youth leadership practices in an integrated and comprehensive approach. The SLS guiding principle is that youth have a great capacity for influencing their peers in positive ways. Youth education, peer support, fun, leadership, safety skills, and life skills are the focus of SLS Chapter activities. SLS understands and believes that the best approach to change self-defeating behavior into self-promoting behavior is empowering students to create an atmosphere in which students learn key skills: Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Communication Skills.

“SLS is a safe haven for students who want to make a change. In SLS, my voice matters.
SLS is a place where you can share your feelings or concerns , and someone listens…
I understand the problems my friends face and I can do something about it. I can make a change. ”
Matt Stocker, Student Advisory Board 2012 – 2014

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