The Training

The training of the high school students totals eleven to thirteen hours in two equal segments. In the first session students learn the peer refusal skills concepts and skills themselves, and get acquainted with the lesson they will be teaching their younger peers. The second session is held a few days to a week later. This is a practice and feedback session during which the teaching teams demonstrate the lesson as they intend to present it, and receive feedback from the trainer and their peers. Attendance at both training days is required. Students who complete the training and present the lesson are certified by Student Leadership Services.


  • High school students will learn the concepts of youth voice and choice.
  • High school students will be trained in effective communication, decision making and assertiveness skills.
  • High school students will prepare a 50 minute lesson for their younger peers.
  • High school students will present the lesson for their peers in the training.
  • High school students will schedule and present a lesson in refusal skills to their middle school peers.
  • Middle school participants will learn and practice developmentally appropriate refusal skills.
  • High school trainers will complete evaluations following the training; middle school participants and teachers will complete evaluations following the lesson and send to Student Leadership Services for follow-up.

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