The Lesson

The SLS Peer Resistance Skills Program is a curriculum module lesson in peer pressure and techniques for saying “No” that is taught by high school students to younger 5th grade peers. All Peer Resistance Skills program training is conducted by Student Leadership Services, Inc. Training is coordinated through the SLS office. Since the program was initiated as a SLS Chapter project, the lesson’s focus is saying “No” to alcohol. The lesson is fifty minutes in length; the first portion of the lesson teaches about types of peer pressure and the second half teaches techniques for saying “No.” The information is presented through the use of posters and handouts. The concepts and skills are taught and reinforced through skits and role plays.

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The goals of the program as viewed by the high school students are:

  • To reduce the likelihood of our younger peers using alcohol
  • To educate our younger peers about types of peer pressure they will or have already encountered
  • To teach our younger peers skills and techniques to be able to say “No” when appropriate
  • To present ourselves as positive role model high school students who care about them and their futures
  • To have fun while teaching them

The goals of the program do not include teaching them about alcohol, alcoholism, drug use, peer listening, peer helping, peer counseling or other support group content. These topics and skills are best taught to 5th graders as a separate lesson or program with different goals than the PRS lesson.

The Training

The training of the high school students totals eleven to thirteen hours in two equal segments. In the first session students learn the peer resistance skills concepts and skills themselves, and get acquainted with the lesson they will be teaching their younger peers. The second session is held a few days to a week later. This is a practice and feedback session during which the teaching teams demonstrate the lesson as they intend to present it, and receive feedback from the trainer and their peers. Attendance at both training days is required. Students who complete the training and present the lesson are certified by Student Leadership Services.

Prospective team members will come to understand and appreciate that this lesson needs to be presented by non-alcohol using students. A commitment to remain alcohol and other drug free is a condition of being permitted to take part in the presentation of the lesson to young children.

All Peer Resistance Skills program training is conducted by Student Leadership Services, Inc. staff. Training is coordinated through the SLS office. Use of PRS materials are available only to trained student teams and advisors.

Training and materials are provided. Training materials include: Student and Faculty Manuals, Set of Posters, Sets of 5th Grade Handouts, Evaluation materials.