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Student Leadership Services, Inc. is a Michigan-based non-profit dedicated to ensuring our youth remain safe, healthy, and alcohol and drug free. SLS accomplishes this through innovative and evidence-based prevention programs within student-led, adult-supported chapters. Since inception in 1982, SLS fosters a safe, supportive, interactive, and engaging environment to cultivate interpersonal and peer resistance skills that will decrease alcohol, tobacco, and drug use (ATOD) among youths.

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  1. LifeSkills Program

    September 1 - December 31
  2. LifeSkills Program

    September 2 - December 31
  3. LifeSkills Program

    September 2, 2019 - February 29, 2020
  4. Peer Resistance Skills Training

    November 15 - November 16
  5. Student Advisory Board Meeting

    December 7
  6. STAND Advisor Training

    December 10

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