Awards & Recognition

Our research-driven strategies and validated outcomes have earned our team these awards: 

  • NREPP Certification- National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices, 2016
  • NASADAD Award-National Exemplary Award for Innovative Programs, Practices and Policies, 2014
  • Service to Science Award for Building Evaluation Capacity for Evidence-Based Interventions, from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 2013
  • Service to Science Award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 2011
  • Governor’s Traffic Safety Award for Long-term Achievement 2011

Our Team

With collective experience that spans a century, our team’s dedication to the health, safety and empowerment of youth is unparalleled. We stand firmly in our belief that when you capture the passion of youth, give them focus, support and agency, you change lives. SLS has been doing just this since 1982 and our commitment has never waivered.  

Meet Our People


Pamela Voss-Page, M. Ed.

Executive Director, Research & Development
Pamela Voss-Page has served SLS since 1984 and was a founding member of the SLS Board of Directors. Over the years, Pam held various roles in the organization and became the Executive Director in 1994. As a result of Pam's dedication, Michigan led the nation in effective youth-led health and safety programming. Pam's ongoing commitment to prevention research and evidence-based practice continues with annual evaluation and a validation study that led to our national recognition and replication.

Dawn Flood, LMSW-Macro CPC-R

Program Director
Dawn joined the SLS team in 2004 and has been involved in peer education and youth-led prevention programming since 1998. Prior to SLS, Dawn served as the Substance Abuse Educator at Saginaw Valley State University. Dawn works directly with chapter advisors and students throughout Michigan. She combines her school social work background with a cognitive behavioral approach and applies it to prevention. Dawn incorporates changing students’ thoughts (cognitive), to change their actions (behavior) and build skills.

Garrett Zimmerman

Communications Specialist
Garrett joined Student Leadership Services as the Communications Specialist in November of 2021. He has a Masters degree in Public Administration, as well as a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Leadership. Garrett began his involvement with SLS in 2012 while he was in high school. He started his own SLS chapter at Waterford Kettering High School. He has remained involved in the organization since his graduation. He has served in the Board of Directors for Student Leadership Services from 2016-2021.

Marcia Partin

Prevention Specialist
Marcia joined the SLS team in 2021. She previously was a Prevention Manager developing in-school and afterschool prevention programming and summer camps in Detroit. Marcia’s heart is to help students grow in all areas of thinking to help them make life changes that in turn change the world! She uses her experience as a youth minster to understand youth struggles and to see the potential in every youth to do great things. Marcia also believes that all great learning involves some fun along the way.

Board of Directors

Brad Simmons, President (since 1994)

Director, Government & Stakeholder Relations Ford Motor Company

Ward Bartlett, Vice President (since 1997)

Teacher & Advisor, Warren Mott High School

Diane Bostic Robinson, LMSW, Strategic Planning Chair (Since 1997)

Diane Bostic-Robinson & Associates, LLC

Zane Sami Hatahet, Media Spokesperson (since 2016)

Legal Counsel, Magna Electronics

Griselda Mucollari, Social Media

Campbell-Ewald and Iprospect

Toni Laurentano, Fund Development Chair (Since 2019)

Development Generalist, C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Student Interns


Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Benjamin first started his journey with SLS when he was a sophomore at Waterford Mott High School and has served as an intern over the last 4 years. Benji has made great contributions to the organization and is a valued member of our team. In addition to creating a series of mini-handbooks, Benji wrote and received several grants, served on our Student Advisory Board, managed social media, and led student workshops. We are proud of Benji’s integrity and persistence and how he is using the skills he’s acquired to pursue a career in children’s ministry.


Marian High School
Jillian first became involved with SLS when she was a fifth-grade participant in our Peer Resistance Program. Since then, she has served in many different roles in the organization both as a volunteer and as an intern. Jillian has written newsletter articles, created videos and graphic designs, and served as the photographer and videographer for our 2018 Conference. Jillian is a natural leader which is evident as she teaches Botvin Life Skills to younger students. We are inspired by her energy and initiative which will certainly bring her success in whatever challenges she takes on!

Meet Our Student Advisory Board

Established in 1986, we train each passionate group of emerging leaders to lead and teach their peers and younger students. They work with our team and member schools to promote youth involvement, networking and stakeholder partnerships. The Student Advisory Board (SAB) develops and leads conferences, assemblies and workshops. These students are dedicated to creating healthy, safe and inclusive schools and communities across Michigan and we are proud to help them do this important work!


By: Shanae 

Before the first SAB meeting, I had never met Mariam. When I did meet her for the first time, she was extremely friendly. She asked me many questions to get to know me, which I appreciated because it’s hard for me to initiate conversation sometimes. We talked for a while, and a lot was said. I learned a lot about Mariam, the most important being that she’s an avid chicken lover. Apart from her culinary preferences, I learned that her favourite subject in school is English because she enjoys writing. She writes about things that appeal to her, topics she’s genuinely interested in, and they’re mostly non-fiction pieces like reports. She wants to study journalism in college, so that makes a lot of sense. When I asked her if she could change one thing in the world what it would be, it took a while for her to answer. But eventually, after a few minutes of deep thinking, she said the cost of college. And I agree with her. Her best all-time tv show is Dance Moms because, like a true journalist, she loves knowing all the tea. She loved watching all the drama, and to be honest I can’t say I blame her. Lastly, when I asked her what she does to relax, she said she goes to the park to use the swings while listening to music to clear her head. To sum it all up, Mariam is the most amazing future journalist, dance mom enthusiast, and chicken lover I’ve ever met.


By: Mariam 

As I’m going into my last year on the student advisory board I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some cool amazing quirky people on the board ! From Izzy, to Loretta, Kenzie, Alex, Gia & now my new lil sidekick Shanae Obi from Taylor High School in Taylor MI! Here are a few little fun things to get to know Shanae. Shanae is an amazing young lady who enjoys anime. Her fav show of all time is ‘Attack on Titans’ due to the storytelling done by Hajime Isayama. “It just amazes me how creative & talented he is!” she says. I asked her where do you feel the safest? She replied with my house of course but my bathroom in particular. In the bathroom there’s a lock unlike my room & I can do whatever I need to do & have my peace. Which is very understandable lol! The last movie she watched in the theater was a marvel movie, ‘Dr. Strange.’ My last random question I asked Shanae was ‘What was the last book you read?’ The last book she read was called ‘And Then There were None’ written by ‘Agatha Christie.’ It’s about people being sent to an island & being killed off at some point in the story. Seems interesting I might have to read it. As you can tell Shanae is a pretty cool person, I can’t wait to conquer the last year on the S.A.B ! Give it up for the amazing SHANAE OBI FROM TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL EVERYONE!                                           

It makes us proud that former Student Advisory Board (SAB) members and other young adults who have benefited from SLS programs continue to support us after they graduate. They return because they want to pass on the strength, skills, and knowledge that they acquired as members of SLS programs. As part of our team, our alumni volunteers help with financial contributions, event planning, technology support, student and chapter mentoring, and fundraising. We are inspired by and incredibly grateful for their ongoing involvement!

Alumni Volunteers

Sponsors & Partners

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