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Student Advisory Board

It all started my freshmen year where I attended my first Students Leading Students High School Conference. I saw the Student Advisory Board for the first time, running the high school state conference like a well-oiled machine. I knew from that moment on I wanted to be a SAB member.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the SAB with 4 other talented individuals. We started to plan the high school state conference for over 200 people to attend. We planned everything from workshops, speakers, the memorial, and to the dances and the food. We finally got to see everything come together and showcase it to all other SLS Chapters. I was able to talk about what I was passionate about to all of my peers across the State of Michigan. It was at the end that I knew that I wanted to continue doing the SAB. I continued all the way until I graduated, each year making new memories and friendships.

Each year I developed my skills more and was able to share my passions with others more effectively. Something that really touched my life and the lives of everyone in my school was suicide, so suicide/mental health became my passion. Being on the SAB I developed and presented workshops to the whole conference on my passion and was able to educate my peers on how they could make a difference in their school.

Each year of being on the SAB I gained friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I still talk to many of them today. When they knew that I was struggling or needed anything they reached out to me and I reached out to them. SLS allows you to form bonds with so many people. My lifelong connections are always going to be there thanks to the SAB.

While being on the SAB provided to be a life-changing experience for me. It also helped me after high school as well. I have applied and gotten multiple jobs and internships based on my experiences with the Student Leadership Services Student Advisory Board. They ask about the skills and leadership I gained, and I give them real-world examples of how I can use the skills I have gained.

I am writing about my experiences in the SAB because I want to encourage all of you to apply. I won’t lie, it is a time commitment, but the saying goes “you only get out, what you put into it” and I believe that. If you want to improve your leadership skills, APPLY! If you want to make lifelong friends, APPLY! If you want to inspire your peers from across the State of Michigan, APPLY! If you want to make a difference, APPLY!  Plan the next State Conference and share your passion with those around you. Do more than to want change, but be the ones who seek out change and make it a reality.

Applying to be on the SAB is one of the best choices I have ever made and I encourage each one of you to APPLY.


Garrett Zimmerman
Student Advisory Board Alumnus &
Student Leadership Services Board of Director

Apply Today!
Apply Today!